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Overview About Ticket Conversation Report


The ticket conversation report helps you track and analyze the conversations made in the tickets. Using this report, you can gain insights into the conversation between the customers and the agents. It is an efficient way of viewing the conversations.

You can view the statistics as, the number of unique tickets, unique agents, unique contacts involved, agent updates, and contact updates.

The ticket conversation report can be opened from the reports module

Ticket Conversation Report.png

The ticket conversation report consists of the count-related statistics widgets and a detailed feedback view.

Count-related Statistics Widget View.png


Various filters available in the ticket conversation report are explained as follows:

Brand Filters data based on the selected brand.
Date Range Filters data based on the selected date range on which conversation was created.
Message Type Filters data based on message type (Public message, private note, or public notes.)
Updated By Filters data based on the person who has updated the conversation.
Updated By User Type Filters data based on the updated user type( Agent or customer).
Ticket Category Filters data based on the ticket category.
Message Flag Filters data based on a message flag.
Ticket ID Filters data based on the ticket ID in which the conversation is made.
Message Tags Filters data based on the message tags.

Various Filters View.png

Actionable items

The ticket conversation report supports the following two actions:

Adding a private note to a ticket
Adding tags to a ticket
To add a private note or tag, select a conversation and choose the appropriate action near the specific contact.

Note: Support managers or leads can quickly add a note or tag a ticket for further review by an agent, without opening a ticket.

Adding Notes and Updating Tags Options.png

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