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Understanding Article Status Indicator


The status indicator is used to indicate the status of the article. It is very useful to check the newly created and recently updated articles without checking them individually.

The following are the three status indicator options in the BoldDesk knowledge base:

  • New – Indicates the newly published articles.
  • Updated– Indicates some updates in an already published article.
  • None – This status indicator a default value.

How the status indicator works

You can set the status indicator of the article in both the article create and edit.

Set up Status Indicator

After you have set the status indicator for a published article, it will be shown in the self-service (Customer portal) portal as follows:

Article Details

Status indicator expiry

Each status indicator can have an expiry date. You can set the expiry date when you want to hide this status indicator of an article. The status indication will not be displayed in the customer portal after the specified or default expiry date.

Status Indicator Expiry

Note: If you does not provide the expiration date, the default date which is 30 days from the current date will be applied to the article’s status indication.

To learn more about creating article, click here.

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