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Installing and Configuring The Microsoft Teams


The Microsoft Teams integration allows you to receive an instant notification within chats and channels for a ticket based on ticket events and specific conditions such as brand, category, etc.

The following events are supported:

  1. Ticket created
  2. Ticket property updated
  3. Reply added in a ticket
  4. Public note added in a ticket
  5. Private note added in a ticket
  6. Satisfaction feedback added
  7. Ticket permanently deleted

Plan limit

Features Starter Growth Enterprise Standard Pro Business
Channel limit 0 10 25 0 10 25
Team limit 0 5 10 0 5 10

How to install and configure Microsoft Teams Integration

There are three steps to integrate Microsoft Teams with BoldDesk, namely:

  1. Install the Microsoft Teams app in BoldDesk.
  2. Install the BoldDesk bot in Microsoft Teams.
  3. Configure and manage Microsoft Teams channel notifications.

Step 1: Install the Microsoft Teams app in BoldDesk

To install the Microsoft Teams app in BoldDesk, follow the given steps:

  1. Click Admin menu > Marketplace.

  2. Search and select Microsoft Teams.


  3. Click the Install option to install Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft login page is loaded to enter the credentials.


  4. Enter your Microsoft administrator username and password and click Log In.


  5. After successful login, the page will be redirected to the BoldDesk Microsoft Teams app page.


Step 2: Install the BoldDesk bot in Microsoft Teams

To install the BoldDesk bot in Microsoft Teams, follow the given steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app.

  2. Click the Apps option and search BoldDesk.


  3. To add an app to a team, click on “Add to a team”.

  4. To add an app to a chat, click on “Add for Me”.


  5. Select the team and channel to install the BoldDesk bot and click Setup a bot.


  6. You will receive welcome and signup cards after installing the BoldDesk bot in a specific team and channel.

  7. Enter your BoldDesk domain and click Submit.


  8. Click Log in to authenticate the BoldDesk site.


  9. Enter the BoldDesk credentials and click the Sign In option.


  10. After successfully logging in to the BoldDesk site, click the Configure option to configure the channel notification.


Step 3: Configure the Microsoft Teams channel notification

Adding Channel Notification

To configure the teams’ channel notification in the BoldDesk site, follow the given steps:

  1. Click Admin menu > My Apps > Microsoft Teams > Edit to open the Microsoft Teams page.

  2. Click Add New Notification.

  3. Enter the Teams notification’s name.

  4. Choose the Notify Assignee option to notify the agent directly.

  5. Choose the Notify Channel and then specify the Team and Channel to which the notification should be sent.


  6. Select events and condition to receive notification and click the Save option.


Refer this link to know more about how to configure and manage the Microsoft Teams channel notification.

Here’s an example of a BoldDesk Microsoft Teams notification:


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