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How to Change or Rename BoldDesk Subdomain


The subdomain of your BoldDesk portal can be changed by following the given guidelines.

Considerations before changing your subdomain

  • You will not be able to access the portal using the old URL. The redirection set up for the old URL from the BoldDesk side is unavailable.
  • If another user takes your old URL, you cannot reclaim it.
  • You should reconfigure your email forwarding and single sign-on settings to use the new URL.
  • All ticket links, including file attachments and images, may appear broken in sent emails.
  • If you have only OAuth or OpenID login enabled and only one brand active, you should enable a social or form login before changing subdomains.

Checkout this video for more details.

Changing subdomain

To change the subdomain, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Agent Portal > Admin Module > Customer Portal > General.


  1. Select the brand for which the subdomain should be changed, from the brands dropdown list.


  1. After selecting the required brand, click the Change button to change the brand’s subdomain. The dialog box appears.


  1. Enter the required subdomain and click the Update button to change the custom domain for your brand.


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