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Sending Ticket Reminder & Escalation Email via SLA


You can send the reminder and escalation to the agent using the SLA.

Follow the given steps to create an SLA:

  1. In Admin, choose the SLA module in the Automation section.
  2. Click the Add SLA option and follow the below sections to set up the SLA.

Set up conditions

Follow the given steps to set up an SLA:

  1. Enter the Name and Description.
  2. Select the Operational hours.
  3. Choose the fields from the list to frame a condition for determining the tickets to which the SLA will be applied in AND and OR conditions.
  4. Click the Add new condition option to include a new condition.


Set metric targets

In the BoldDesk, the following three predefined SLA metric targets can be measured:

  • First response (Time to first response) – Target time for first agent response to a customer.
  • Response (Time to next response) – Target time for subsequent agent update to the customer after the first response.
  • Resolution (Time to resolution) – Target time for the ticket to be resolved or closed.

Set the above-mentioned targets based on your requirement.


Enable the Reminder and Escalation toggle button to get reminder and escalation email as shown in the above screenshot.

Add reminder

The reminder notifies the assigned agent or groups about their tickets before they reach the due date. The reminder duration can be chosen between hours and minutes.

The reminder will be sent for the following SLA metric targets:

  • First response
  • Next response
  • Resolution


You can also choose the group and agent you want to receive the reminder.

Here, the reminder email will be sent to the agent/group before 30 minutes from the First response, Next response, and Resolution time.

Add escalation

The escalation sends the notification to the corresponding agents or group when the due date for the ticket is over.
You can set escalation for the following three metrics:

  • First Response Escalation
  • Next Response Escalation
  • Resolution Escalation
    – Level 1 Escalation
    – Level 2 Escalation
    – Level 3 Escalation


You can also choose the group and agent to receive the escalation. For resolution, there are three levels. At each level, you can choose different groups and agents.

After completing the above steps, click the Add option. The new SLA will be created and listed.

  • You can change the order of the SLA. If you have multiple SLAs, the first matching SLA will apply to the ticket when the condition is matched.
  • The default SLA will be applied to a ticket when none of the SLA’s conditions are matched. The default SLA can be deactivated.
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