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What are Reasons for Suspension of Email


In BoldDesk support portal, multiple filters are used in email ticket creation process to avoid spam emails and for security purposes. As a result, some emails are marked as suspended. In this article, I’ll enlighten you at the factors that lead to email ticket suspension.

The following are the reasons for email Ticket Suspension:

  • Backlisted sender or domain.
  • Email detected as spam.
  • Request limit exceeds the required limit.
  • Sender’s account blocked or deactivated.
  • Email authentication failed (SPF of DKIM).
  • Received from support address.
  • Automated response emails.

Blacklisted sender or domain

  • If the sender’s email address or domain is blocked by the portal admin, then the emails sent by the backlisted email address or domain will be marked as suspended.
  • If you believe that the email is valid, then you can contact your admin and ask to remove the email from blacklist.

Email detected as spam

  • For security purposes, BoldDesk system internally validates all the incoming emails. Consequently, if an email is detected as spam, then it will be marked as a suspended ticket.
  • To avoid this, make sure the incoming contents doesn’t contain any malicious contents or attachments.

Request limit exceeds the required limit

For security purposes, the inbound emails coming to email automation are limited thus email looping and spam emails automation are avoided.

The following number of emails are limited per hour per organization for each user.

  • The 1-hour limit starts from the 1st email received.
  • First 25 emails are allowed as Valid.
  • Next 25 emails are marked as Suspended.
  • More than 50 emails will be ignored.

After one hour the above limits will be reset.

Note: There is no limit for the organization as a whole. These restrictions are applied only to customers to avoid spam.

Sender account blocked or deactivated

  • If the sender’s account is blocked or deactivated, then the user’s emails will be marked as suspended.
  • If you believe that any email is valid, then you can contact your admin and ask to unblock the particular email.

Email authentication failed (SPF or DKIM)

  • To improve more security, BoldDesk has an option to validate the incoming emails authentication by checking the SPF or DKIM records of the email.
  • If this option is enabled by the admin, at least any one of the records should be available otherwise it will be marked as a suspended ticket.
  • This restriction can be enabled or disabled in the admin portal.

Received from support address

  • To avoid unwanted email looping, if the received email is sent by another BoldDesk support portal, then it will be marked as suspended.

Automated response emails

  • Some emails such as out of office are sent by the email servers automatically. These emails are marked as suspended under this category.
  • If BoldDesk find the incoming email is generated by any kind of automated applications, then it will be marked as suspended.
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