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Webhook Failure Handling


Webhook timeout

Each webhook request is queued for 10 seconds to get a response from the endpoint URL. If no response is received within 10 seconds, the request will attempt to reconnect to the server up to 5 times.

Webhook retry

The retry mechanism sends the webhook up to 5 times before failing with exponential backoff. Webhooks will wait for a minimum retry delay of 30 seconds to a maximum retry delay of 10 minutes between each attempt.

Automatic Webhook Deactivation

If a webhook fails up to 20 times in a row, it generates an error log, deactivates the webhook, and sends a failure notification email automatically.

You will receive an email as shown below.

Due to a series of delivery failures, the webhook {WebhookName} has been temporarily deactivated. Please verify that the destination URL is working and resolve the webhook errors which are listed in the below link.


After resolving the webhook errors, you can activate this webhook from inactive tab of webhooks page.

Follow the given steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Check whether the destination URL is operational or not.
  2. Examine the Webhook Failure Logs.
  3. Fix the errors in the destination URL.
  4. Re-enable the webhook.

Webhook failure logs

Webhook failure logs contain details about failed webhook attempts. If a webhook fails, you can examine the failure log by following the given steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Audit Logs.
  2. Select Webhook Failure Logs.
  3. To view the detailed error logs, click View.

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