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How to Create a BoldDesk Account


Welcome to BoldDesk. To begin using BoldDesk, you should create an account. BoldDesk is offering a 15-day free trial without requiring a credit card. You can create your own BoldDesk account in less than a minute.

  1. To create an account, go to the BoldDesk pricing page to see a list of available plans and select a plan that meets your needs, or click the Try for free button in the BoldDesk Site menu from any page. You can change your plan at any time after creating your account.

Pricing page.png

  1. After clicking the try now button, you will be directed to our sign up page. Fill in the required fields and select the domain that suits your needs; once completed, click Submit and you will receive a verification email.

Signup page.png

  1. Go to your given email inbox and click the received verification link; this will create your BoldDesk account and take you to your new BoldDesk portal.

Verify email.png

Your BoldDesk account is now ready for use, and you can begin building better customer relationships with our BoldDesk. Refer to this article to set up your BoldDesk site.

Agent Dashboard.png

After creating your account, you will get two portals, as follows.

Name of Portal Description URL
Customer Portal (Support Center) It is a portal used by your end-user for raising support tickets.
Agent Portal It is a portal that will be used by your support team to reply to customer-raised tickets. Adding “/agent” to the customer portal URL will open the agent portal.
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