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How to Manage and Organize The Agents Under Groups or Teams


Groups in an organization helps to associate the related agents together under a specific category. Groups can be utilized in auto assignments, automations, ticket permission restriction, and sharing filters.

The Groups (Teams) module can be found under the Users and Permissions section of the Admin Center.

Users and Permission Section.png

Groups list page

It has the list of all groups in the organization. Clicking on the group name will take you to the group profile page.

The following options are available on the groups list page.

  • Create a new group
  • Edit the existing group
  • Delete a group

Group List Page.png

Creating a group

To create a new group, follow the given steps:

  1. Click the Create Group option. The dialog appears where you can specify group name and description (optional).

Creating a Group Dialog Box.png

  1. After creating a group, multiple existing agents can be selected and added to the group.

Multiple Selection Page.png

The Auto Assignment setting is available, which is used in the auto assignment process. If it is turned off, then tickets won’t be assigned to the particular agent in the auto assignment process.

Use Case : You can add support leads/managers in this group and turn off the auto assignment setting, whom you don’t want to assign tickets via round-robin auto assignment process, but they must be present in a group for manual assignment or for email notifications.

Auto Assignment Tab.png

Editing a group

For editing a group, open a Group details page, it can be opened by clicking a group name in the group list page. The following are the options available on this page.

  • Add, Edit, and Remove a member from group
  • Turn off auto assignment for member
  • Edit group name/description

Group List Page.png

  • The following are the options available while removing the agent having unclosed tickets from the group or auto assignment process,
  • Make no changes to the existing ticket assignee.
  • Remove assignee from the existing tickets which are assigned to the agent being removed.
  • Reassign the unclosed tickets of the agent being removed from group to some other agent or group.

Remove Agent Dialog.png

Deleting a group

For deleting a group, click the Delete option. The group will be deleted permanently.

Delete Group Dialog.png

Note : For accessing the groups module, an agent must have a role with Manage agents permission enabled.

Manage Agents Permission.png

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