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Using and saving Basic Filters as Ticket Views


The two filters available to filter the tickets on the ticket list page for agents are

  1. Basic filters
  2. Advanced filters

Apart from these, some predefined filters are available. You can find details about those filters here.

In this article, you can learn about how to filter the tickets using the basic filters and save the filters as views. Basic filters have some limited system fields alone for filtering. If you want to filter based on advanced criteria or custom fields, switch to advanced filters.

Checkout this video for more details.

To apply the basic filter, follow the given steps:

  1. Open a ticket list page.
  2. Click the Filters option on the right side to open the filter panel.
  3. Select some criteria as required and click Apply. After applying a filter, the tickets matching the selected criteria will be listed.

Note: If you select multiple conditions, all conditions will be considered as “And” filters and applied in the final criteria.

Example: The Agent and Priority criteria are selected in the following screenshot. So the final results will be obtained as the following conditions.
Agent in (x,y) and Priority in (High)

All Tickets Page.png

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