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How to Add a New Custom Field in a Contact Group Form


To add a new contact group custom field, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Contact Group Fields module.
  2. Click the Add Contact Group Field button on the right.


Consider the following while creating a new custom field:

  • Field Type – You can create a contact group field (Custom field) using the following custom field types:
    • Textbox (single line)
    • Textbox (multi-line)
    • Checkbox
    • Yes/No
    • Date
    • Date Time
    • Numeric
    • Decimal
    • Dropdown (single-select)
    • Dropdown (multi-select)
    • Regex
    • URL
  • Label for Agent Portal – This is the name of the field that appears in the contact group form in the agent portal.
  • API Name – You can specify an API name for the custom field. By providing the API name to a specific field, you can fetch or update the corresponding data
  • Note Message – Specifies an information text for the field.
  • Note Message Display – Displays the note message below the field or as an info icon near the field.
    Below field – The note message is shown below the created field.
  • Info icon near the field – The info icon has been added near the field, when you hover over the info icon, the note message appears as a tooltip.


Field display condition

By using the field display condition, you can show a field only when the specified conditions are met. To know how to configure field display condition, please refer to this article.

Field configuration – Agent Portal

Specifies the field visibility and mandatory status for the custom field.

  • By checking or unchecking the Agent can edit option, you can control the field’s visibility. If it’s unchecked, the custom field will appear as a read-only field on the edit contact group form.
  • You can make a field mandatory when submitting the form.

Note: If the Agent can edit option is unchecked, you cannot make a custom field mandatory.


Dropdown option values

The option values for the dropdown type custom field can be added as strings here. If there are multiple values, use a comma to separate them.

  • Option values can be renamed or deleted.
  • After an option value is deleted, it cannot be restored.
  • Option values can be dragged and dropped for sorting. You can also sort in alphabetical order.
  • A default value for the dropdown option can be set, such that its value can be filled by default, when a form is loaded in the agent or customer portal.

Note: You also configure field dependency for the dropdown/multiselect fields. Please see this article , to learn how to set up field dependency



Permission for adding a new contact field

To add a new custom field, you should enable the Manage fields and forms permission.


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