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How to Customize the Appearance of a Help Widget


BoldDesk allows you to customize the Help Widget. You can customize the widget’s Logo, Background, Color, Position, and other properties.

To customize the Help Widget, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Widgets module.
  2. Select the widget you want to customize


When Logo is enabled, the default customer portal logo is shown in the widget banner. Additionally, the Logo can be customized.


For the Widget Banner’s Background, you can select a color. You have the option of adding a new color to the banner or choosing from the predefined colors in the color picker.


  • Based on the widget background color you’ve chosen; the widget banner text color is automatically set to white/black.
  • The background color of the Widget Banner is used for the Submit Button.


The widget can be placed either on the Bottom Left or Bottom Right. The widget can also be offset from the side and the bottom of the browser window using the Offset Bottom(px) and the Offset Right (px) options.


For the Widget Launcher Button, you can customize texts and backgrounds using the Text Color and Background Color options. You can choose a color for the launcher’s background using the Color Picker.

There are two options for launcher Text Color: black or white.


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