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How to Customize the Appearance of Contact Us Web Form


BoldDesk allows you to customize the Web Form. You can customize the Form Height, Submit Button’s background, color, and other properties.

Checkout this video for more details.

To customize the Web Form, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Web Forms module.
  2. Select the web form which you want to customize.


For the web form Submit Button, you can customize the Text Color and Background Color. You can choose a color for the Submit Button’s background using the color picker.

There are two options for Submit Button Text Color: black or white.


The height of the web form is customizable; you can change it. Web Form Height is 400 by default.


Additionally, you have support for Custom CSS and Custom JS, allowing you to add your own styles and script to customize the appearance of the Web Form


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