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How to Convert a Contact to Agent


Sometimes, there is a need to convert a contact to an agent.

Some scenarios

This case may come when a support agent Sign In for the first time, but the person is not added as an agent. So, automatically a contact account is created. In this case, this option can be used to convert a contact to an agent. Another case is when you want to convert an employee to an agent, who has joined the support team later.

To convert a contact to an agent, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search for a user and click the name. If a user is already an agent, it will open the Agent profile. In this case, you have to do nothing, since the user is already an Agent.
If a user is in contact, please follow the below steps.


Users Menu.png

Step 2: Click the Convert to Agent option.

Convert to Agent Option.png

Step 3: Fill the required details and click on the Update option.

Details Update Page.png

Note: You must have permission to manage the agent else this option will not be visible.


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