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How to Manage and Personalize Email Notifications


You can manage and customize all the email notifications that are sent from your BoldDesk portal.

Enable/Disable Email Notification

  1. Go to the Admin page and open the Email Notification option. By default, all the email notifications will be enabled.
  2. Select the radio button to enable or disable the Email Notifications.

Email Notification

Configuring the Email Notification

  1. Click the Email Notification event that needs to be configured.

Email Notification

  1. The list of all the brands will be mapped with their respective default templates.

Email Notification Details

  1. To change the Template, click the drop-down option. The list of available templates will be displayed. You can select the required template from the list.

Selecting Template for a Brand

  1. Enable or disable the Email Notification for a particular Brand under the Notification category.

Enable or Disable Email Notification for a Brand

Adding a New Template

  1. Click the New Template button and enter the required details.

Add New Template Option

  1. To dynamically customize the content, click the Insert Placeholders option to get various Placeholders .

  2. Select the System/Custom Placeholders to load values dynamically while sending emails.

Add Description for Template

  1. Click the Add button to add a new template.

Editing Templates

  1. In the Templates list, click the More Options button and select the Edit option.

Edit Template Option

  1. Select the Update option to update the required details.

Deleting a Template

Deleting a Template

In the Templates list, click theMore Options button and select the Delete option.

Delete Template

Note: Default templates cannot be deleted.

The following HTML customizations will be supported by the template:

  • Inline images like logos for signature or company logo
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Text formatting
  • Changing font colors
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