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How to Tag a Message or Conversation


Message Tags are used to tag messages or conversations in a ticket. Both public and private notes tagging are supported. It can be used to add more context to the message or conversation. You can also use it to categorize or filter. These tags are not exposed to the customer for internal categorization purposes.

The difference between a Ticket Tag and message tag is that ticket tag is added to the whole ticket whereas a message tag is used to tag a particular message. Tag added in message is not added to a ticket tag.

One of the use is, meeting-notes in a conversation can be tagged “meeting-notes” and all the meeting notes activities across the organization are viewed in one view using the conversation report. Another example is logging a call note and tagging message with the tag “call-notes”.

Note: The message tagging feature is only available in the Agent Portal. It can be used only by Agents, not by customers.

Adding tags for a message or note

  1. While adding a message or note, option to add tags for that message or note is available.

Add Message Tags Option.png

  1. Enter the required tag. If the tag is already present, then the existing tag will be added to that message. But if it is not present then a new tag is created in that name and is added to that message.

Adding a Tag Page.png

  1. After adding a message, you can see the message and the tags that are added to that message.

Added Tag in a Message.png

Updating message tags

The user can also update tags for the existing messages or notes. Follow the given steps to update the message tags:

  1. Select the Update Tags option for the required message to open a dialog box.

Update Tags Option.png

  1. Enter the required tags and select the Update Option to update the message tags.

Update Message Tags.png

  1. Similarly, to remove tags from a message, Delete all the tags from Update message tags dialogue box and select Update to remove the tags.

Delete Message Tags.png

Filtering message in a ticket using tags

Users can also filter messages on a ticket using message tags. A list of tags used in all messages are listed in Filter by tags dropdown, you can select the tag you need to filter. Messages which have those tags are filtered.

Filter by Tags Dropdown.png

Filtering messages from all tickets using message tags

Using ticket conversation reports we can view the consolidated list of messages corresponding to a particular tag in the Message Tags filter.

Message Tags Filter.png

You can do this by selecting any tag from messages in ticket details page. It will be redirected to the ticket conversation reports page with this message tag filter.

List of a Tag on Ticket Details Page.png

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