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Creating and Importing an Article Template


Article templates are pre-defined sections of content organized in a specific order. The templates help to store the common article structure, which will be reused for the new article creation. They also improve the efficiency of the article creation and have a consistent structure for the KB Articles.

Check out this video tutorial to learn more on Article template.

Creating Article Template

Follow the given steps to create an article template:

  1. Click the KB Module in the left menu.
  2. Click Create button and then select Template.


  1. After clicking Template, you will be navigated to the create article template page. Enter the following details:

    • Template name
    • Visibility
    • Description
      Create Article Templates
  2. After providing the necessary details, click Save to store the template.

  3. In the article template details page, do the following actions,

    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Use this template
      Article Template View
  4. All the article templates are listed on the Template listing page.

Article Templates Listing

Importing Template

You can import article templates for creating and editing in the following two options:

  1. Use Template
  2. Import Template

Use Template

  1. You can use a template by clicking the Use this template option in the Template listing and Details page.

Use this Template in Listing

Use this Template in View Page

  1. After clicking on the option, navigate to the Article Create page along with this template content.

Import Template

  1. You can import the template directly in Create and Edit Article pages.

Import Template in Article Create

Import Template in Edit Article

  1. When you click the Import Template option, the popup screen shown will appear with the list of templates.

Import Template Popup

  1. You can select a particular Template and click the Import option.
  2. You can also have the option to replace the content with the existing article by clicking the Replace option.

Note: The templates listed for Import are based on the Article’s Editor-type only.

For example, if the Article’s editor type is Markdown, then the user can only import Markdown editor-type based templates.
To learn about creating and managing articles, refer to this article.

To add, edit or delete a template, an agent should enable the Template permission checkbox.


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