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Formatting the Article Content Using WYSIWYG Editor


Formatting the article content using WYSIWYG editor

BoldDesk allows you to format the articles using the following options that are available in the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Text formatting
  • Insert Code
  • Insert Table
  • Insert Link
  • Insert Image
  • Clear Format
  • Source code
  • Maximize

Checkout this video for more details.

Text Formatting

You have the option to make the text bold, italicized, or underlined. You can include bullets, numbers, and text alignment (left, right, center, and justify). To apply different font styles for section of the content, select the text that you would like to change, and select a required font style from the drop-down to apply the changes to the selected text.

Font and Background color

To apply font color or background color for a selected content, use the font and background color tools.

Font BG

Insert Code

To insert the code blocks in the article, select the Insert Code option in the toolbar. The code blocks are highlighted with a background.

You can add an optional language identifier to your code block to enable syntax highlighting in a different language.

Insert Code

Insert Code

Insert Table

Use the Insert Table toolbar option and select the number of rows and columns you need in the table grid, and then insert the table on the content.

Insert Table Tool

Insert Table Preview

Tables can also be inserted through the Insert Table option in the pop-up where the number of rows and columns can be provided manually.

Insert Table Page

Insert Link

Point the cursor within the editor where you wish to insert the link. Click the Insert Link tool on the toolbar to open the insert link dialog. The dialog has the following options:

Insert Link

Options Description
Web Address Type or paste the destination for the link you are creating.
Display Text Type or edit the required text that you want to display text for the link.
Tooltip To display additional helpful information when you place the pointer on the hyperlink, type the required text in the “Tooltip” field.
Open Link in New Window Specify whether the given link will be open in the new window or not.

Insert Image

Click the Insert Image tool on the toolbar to open a dialog box and select the image from your local computer by clicking the Browse option, and then insert the image in the article.

Insert Image Tool

Insert Image Page

Clear Format

To clear the applied formats, select the content which you want to clear the format and click the Clear Format icon in the toolbar.

Clear Format Tool

Source Code

Click the Source Code button in the toolbar to check the added content’s HTML format. The article content will be shown in HTML format.

Source Code Tool

To exit the source code option, click the toolbar’s highlighted option as shown:

Source Code View


The Fullscreen tool stretches the editor to the maximum width and height of the browser window.

Fullscreen Tool

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