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Working with Tag-Based Articles


In BoldDesk, you can add tags to an article. Adding relevant tags to your articles allows you to categorize and organize them properly. Tags are used to organize articles in a knowledge base.

Here, you can see the following items,

  1. How to add tags in an article.
  2. How tags are shown in the self-service portal.
  3. Tag-based article listing in a self-service portal.

How to add tags in an article

A tag can be added to the article through the article view page of the agent portal. You can add multiple tags in the same article.


How tags are shown in the self-service portal

When viewing an article in the self-service portal, you can see all the relevant tags associated with the article. These tags will help you quickly understand the article’s topics and themes.


You have the option to show/hide the tags in the self-service portal using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Admin module and select Customer Portal in the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge Base tab and choose the Brand you want.
  3. Scroll down to the Article Configuration section to find the Show article tags checkbox. Check or uncheck the checkbox based on your need.


Tag-based article listing in a self-service portal

We can navigate and view pages that display related articles based on the used tag. The article listings will be in the order of maximum to minimum matching count of the selected tag.


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