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How to Personalize Agent Portal Settings


Agents can personalize their portal experience from the personal settings page by selecting Personal Settings from the profile menu.

Personal Settings - Agent Profile.png

After opening a personal settings page, the following things can be customized.


General settings are the basic settings that define the overall operation of a system. They can include the basic info, the default language, the time zone, and the ticket settings.

It provides a way for users to customize the system to their own preferences. This can help to make the system more user-friendly.

Personal Settings - General.png

By default, the selected values have the “Inherit from global settings” value, which means it loads the settings set up by your organization administrator.

Settings Description
Time zone Sets the default time zone, which is used throughout the app. Example: If you set the time zone to EST throughout the app, you can see time in EST.
Language Sets the default language, which is used throughout the app. Example: By selecting German as the language, the portal will be displayed in the German language.
Sort Replies Sets the default sorting order for replies in the ticket details page – Ascending/Descending.
Ticket Layout Sets the default layout for the ticket list page – card view or grid view.
Default Ticket View When you open a ticket module, you can specify in which view it should load by default. For example: If the My Pending Tickets view is set, then the pending tickets alone are displayed at the time of loading the ticket list page.
Ticket Page Count Displays the specific number of tickets in card/grid view on a single page.
Default brand preference The Brand preference selected here will be used to set the default selection in the Brand dropdown on the ticket list page. Inherit from URL – Will take the brand value from the URL (i.e., based on which brand agent portal URL is used to load site) All – Will select all brand Specific – Allows setting a specific brand

Roles & Access

In the Roles & Access tab, you can view your assigned role, ticket brand, and access scope which restricts the tickets that an agent can view.

Personal Settings - Roles & Access.png

Change Password

You can reset your password in the Change Password settings.

Personal Settings - Change Password.png

API Keys

An API key is an identifier that is used to authenticate and authorize a user, developer, or calling programmer to an API. When initiating an API call, the API key will be provided along with the request. The API then uses the API key to identify the caller and authorize the request.

Personal Settings - API Keys.png

For accessing the Create API Key, an agent should enable Manage API keys permission checkbox.

Manage API Keys permission.png

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