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Set Up Business Hours For Your Organization



Business hours help to define the working hours for your organization. Your support teams work in different countries with different time zones. It is essential to set up multiple business hours that work for your support teams, which aids in setting up the response and resolution due in the valid business hour when your support team is available.

Checkout this video for more details.

Create a business hour

Follow the given steps to create a business hour,

  1. Select the Admin module in the left menu.
  2. Choose Business Hours from the Work Schedule menu.
  3. Click Add Business Hours on the top palette.
  4. Enter the Name and Description.
  5. Choose the Time Zone and select the Operation Hours.
  6. Select Calendar Hours if your support team is working 24*7. Or choose Business Hours and select your working days and hours for each day. Unselected days will be considered as non-working days.
  7. Select the Associated Holiday List. Find more about Holiday List here.
  8. Click Add to save the business hour.


After the successful creation, the confirmation message will be shown and redirected to the listing page.


Usage of business hours

  • Business hours are used with SLA to set the realistic response and resolution due.
  • Reminder and escalation will be sent during support team working hours.
  • Business hours are used with time triggers to run the rule only on selected business hours and calculate hours-based fields based on business hours.
  • Business hours used with event trigger to send a notification to users when a ticket is created/updated on holidays/non-business hours.
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