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How to Manage Ticket Views


Ticket views are predefined filters and saved filters which can be created by the agents and can be shared organization-wide or to a group or can be kept private depending on the need.

Ticket views list page

It lists all views of an organization irrespective of the access scope and the ownership.

The ownership of a view displays who created the view, along with the access scope of the view, whether the view is public or private.

Ticket views are comprised of two categories namely:

  1. System views.
  2. Custom views.

1.System views

Default and System views are pre-defined views. They are public and can be accessed by people in the organization. System views cannot be edited or deleted; you can use the View option to view.


To know more about the predefined system views, Check out this reference,predefined-default-ticket-views-filters.

2.Custom views

Custom views are views which are created by the agents. A custom view can be created using basic or advanced filter from the ticket list page.

Custom views can be created as public or as private. Custom views as public view can be shared to the entire organization, whereas custom view which is created in private can only be accessed by the individual. Apart from creating these views, they can also be shared to groups.

What is an access scope

The Access Scope is a property which defines the access level of each view.

The following are three access scopes :

  • Public – Views are accessible to everyone.
  • Private – Views are accessible to the owner.
  • Group – Views are accessible to the selected groups.

The view option takes the user to the ticket list page, with the selected view.


Change ownership of the view

You can change the ownership of the view by using the Change Owner option. The Change Owner option enables the user to choose any agent as the owner of the ticket view. After changing the owner, you can edit the view.


Accessing ticket views

To access the ticket views in the admin module, the user should enable the Manage ticket views permission.


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